gemini soyabeen oil 1l

Oil & Ghee
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*Manufactured by Cargill India Pvt Ltd.Kurkumbh, Daund,Pune, Maharashtra,India.


Edible Vegetable Oil(Siyabean oil),Vitamin (A,D,E),Antifoaming Agent (Diemethyl Polysiloxane).

*This soyabean oil is suitable for every food dish in our kitchen.

*100% pure oil obtained from natural soyabeans.

*Packed hygienially.



 Brand: Gemini  Manufacturer: Cargill India Pvt Ltd 

 Manufacturer Email: Country Of Origin: India

 Manufacturer Website:

 Manufacturer Address: Cargill India Pvt Ltd

                                         Plot No.E-4,E-45,MIDC,Kurkumbh,Tal-Daunni,

                                         Dist-Pune, 413802,Maharashtra                                                                                  

Product Type: Edible Cooking Oil, Net Weight: 1L(910g) Pouch Food Tyep: Pure Veg