joshi jawari papad 200g

Chutney, Pickles & Papad
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*Manufactured by Joshi Papad Pvt Limited,Nashik,Maharashtra,India.

*Made from Cooked Sorghum(Jwari) Flour along with Salt and Papad Khar and drying them below sunlight.

*Traditional Maharashtrian snack in our food culture.

*Usually served and cooked by deep frying or roasting them.



*Product Details/ General Information:

 Manufacturer : Joshi Papad Private Limited

 Manufacturer Address: Joshi Papad Private Limited

                 P.No.5,Vastuvaibhav,Ramdas Swami Nagar,

                 Lane No.3,Takali Road,Nashik-422006,Maharashtra,India.

 Customer Care : (0253)2411758, +91-9960420250/9588611578

 Email Address:

 Product Type: Summer Special (Jawari Papad), Net Weight: 200g, Food Type: Pure Veg