manohar ashtgandh 50g

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*Manufactured by Manohar Sugandhi & Co,Pune,Maharashtra,India.

*Ashtagandha is a mixture of 8 fragrant herbs like Chandan,Tulsi,Bhimseni Camphor,Agar,Kesar,Bel,Heena & Durva.

*Made from Nartural Oils & extoic woods.

*Long Lasting Fragrance,Non-sticky and No Harmful Chemicals.



 Brand: Manohar  Manufacturer: Manohra Sugandhi & Co

 Manufacturer Email:,Country Of Origin: India

 Manufacturer Website:

 Manufacturer Address:  Manohar Sugandhi & Co,

                                           1111,Budhawar Peth Mandai,Pune-411002

                                           Maharshtra.Consumer Care: 020-24452354

 Product Type: Ashtagandha, Net Weight : 50g