mom roasted makhana smoky bbq 60g

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60 Gram
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*Manufactured by Alimanto Agro Foods Pvt Ltd,Kota,Rajasthan,India.

*Ingredients: Makhana,Seasoning,Edible Vegetable Oil,Spice & Condiments,Mango Powder,Garlic Powder,Yeast Extract,Acidity Regulator,Flavour Enhancers and Anticaking Agent. 

*Roasted Makhana with Yummy BBQ Flavour.

*Makhana is an important source of several nutrients.

*Healthy Snack for the whole family.

*Different variant of Makhana from regular plain Makhana.




 Brand: Mom  Manufacturer: Alimanto Agro Foods Pvt Ltd 

 Country Of Origin: India

 Manufacturer Website:

 Manufacturer Address: Alimanto Agro Foods Pvt Ltd

                                          Plot No.1,Admin Block Room No.2 

                                          Kota, Rajasthan-325003,India                                                                                 

Product Type: Roasted & Flavoured Makhana Seeds, Net Weight: 60g Food Tyep: Pure Veg