nivea pure talc 400g

Face Cream & Talcum powder
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400 Gram
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*Manufactured by Nivea India Limited,Gujarat,India.

*Ingredients: Talc,Calcium Carbonate,Parfum,Paraffin Oil,Aluminium Stearate,Lanolin Alcohol.

*It gives you odour protection all day long.

*Has gentle aroma and leaves you refreshed.

*Safe on skin.



Brand:  Nivea  Manufacturer: Beiersdorf AG;Germany

Imported By: Nivea India Pvt Ltd,India

Manufacturer Email: Country Of Origin: India

Manufacturer Website:

Manufacturer Address: VVF India Limited,H B 214,V P O

                                         Bhatoli,Kalan,Baddi,Dist Solan (HP) 173205,India

                                         Nivea India Pvt Ltd

                                        4th Floor,AGH,Phoenix Market City,

                                        Kurla (W),Mumbai-400070,Maharashtra,India

                                        Contact: 022-62487999

Product Type: Talcom Powder,  Net Weight: 400g