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400 Gram
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*Manufactured by Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd,Vile Parle,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.

*Ingredients: Refined wheat flour,Refined Palm oil,Chocochips,Sugar,Edible vegetable fats,Cocoa solid,Emulsifier,Artificial Flavouring Substance(Vanilla),Invert Sugar Syrup,Raising Agents,Iodised salt,Permitted Narural food Color and added flavour.

*Parle Chocochip cookies are delicious chocochip cookies.

*Sweet,Crunchy and delicious chocochip cookies loved by everyone.



 Brand: Parle  Manufacturer:  Parle Products Pvt Ltd 

 Manufacturer Email: Country Of Origin: India

 Manufacturer Website:

 Manufacturer Address: Parle Products Pvt Ltd

                                         North Level Crossing,Vile Parle East,


Product Type: Choco Chip Cookies, Net Weight: 400g, Food Tyep: Pure Veg