peethmart multigrain dosa mix 200g

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200 Gram
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*Manufactured by Peethmart Pvt Ltd, Nashik,Maharashtra,India.

*Ingredients: Multigrain Flour (Ragi,Amaranth,Lentils)

*A tradtional food with nutritious value.

*It keeps healthy and energetic for long time compare to junk foods.




Brand: Peethmart  Manufacturer: Peethmart Pvt Ltd.

Manufacturer Email:  Country Of Origin:  India 

Manufacturer Website:

Manufacturer Address: Peethmart Pvt Ltd

                                        Shop No.6,Ajita Apartment,Near Jogging Track

                                       Indira Nagar,Nashik-422009,Maharashtra,India.+91 9175816550                                       

Product Type: Multigrain Dosa Mix, Net Weight: 200g, Food Type: Vegetarian