poha swastik 500g

Poha & Jaggery
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500 Gram
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*Manufactured by Shree Kailash Marketing,Navsari,Gujarat,India.

*Swastik Poha is premium quality poha.

*Poha is an ultimate and favorite breakfast .

*It is low in calories, rich in fibre & othe nutrients.

*Used to make variety of recipes from snack to breakfast.

*Also helps in weight loss.



 Brand:  Swastik  Manufacturer: Shree Kailash Marketing

 Manufacturer Email: swastikbrandpoha@yahoo.com Country Of Origin: India

 Manufacturer Address:  Shree Kailash Marketing

                                         Near New GIDC,Badroli Road


Product Type: Food Grain, Net Weight: 500g, Food Tyep: Pure Veg