prakash kolhapuri thecha 100g

Chutney, Pickles & Papad
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100 Gram
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*Manufactured by PKM Foods Pvt Ltd,Pune,Maharashtra,India.

*Ingredients: Water,Red Chilli,Garlic,Salt,Refined Oil,Cumin,Lemon Juice,Acidity Regulator.

*The Traditional Maharashtrian Red Chilli Thecha.

*Served alone or mixed with any dish you want.

*Tastes Spicy,Tangy and Delicious.



Brand: Prakash Manufacturer: PKM Foods Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer Email: Country Of Origin:  India 

Manufacturer Website:

Manufacturer Address:  PKM Foods Pvt Ltd

                                         At Sr No.37,4/3/1,At Post Pisoli 

                                         Tal: Haveli,Pune-411060,MH India

                                        Customer Care:+91 20 2693 0044

Product Type: Ready to eat Red Chilli Garlic Chutney, Net Weight: 100g, Food Type: Vegetarian