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*Manufactured by Tata Consumer Products Limited,Dist:Jaipur,Odisha,India.

*Ingredients: Vaccum evaporated edible common salt,Potassium Chloride,Anti caking agent 536.

*Salt an Unavoidable and Integral part of our food culture.

*Salt is a mineral composed of Sodium and Chloride.

*These elements  are helpful with fluid balance,nerve transmission and muscle function.

*Packed hygienically.



Brand: Tata  Manufacturer: Tata Consumer Products Limited

Manufacturer Email: care@tataconsumer.com  Country Of Origin:  India 

Manufacturer Website:  www.tatasalt.com

Manufacturer Address: Tata Consumer Products Limited 

                                        Tata Chemicals Ltd

                                        P O Mithapur,Dist: Devbhumi Dwarka


Product Type: Iodised White Salt, Net Weight: 1kg, Food Type: Vegetarian