vim lemon dishwash bar 460g

Dish Wash, Bar and Liquid
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460 Gram
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*Manufactured by HUL,Uttarakhand,India.

*Vim Introduces Dishwash Soap with Unique Polycoat Technology that makes the bar last longer.

*Enriched with Degreasing power of 100 Lemons.

*Removes burnt food stains faster.

*Ideal for all types of Utensils.



Brand: Vim  Manufacturer: Hindustan Unilever Limited

Manufacturer Email: Country Of Origin:  India 

Manufacturer Website:

Manufacturer Address:  Hindustan Unilever Limited

                                           Unilever House,B D Sawant Marg

                                          Chakala,Andheri East,Mumbai-400099,Maharashtra

                                          HUL,SY No.44 & 49,TS-509202


Product Type: Dishwash Bar,  Net Weight : 460g